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Essential tools to start your Amazon wholesale business

Starting an Amazon Wholesale business may seem like a daunting project. You may have some goals in mind but aren’t quite sure how to get there. With our Amazon Warehouse Kickstarter, you will get the essential tools you need to get your Amazon Wholesale Business off the ground.

Sales.Support Dashboard

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Supplier icon

Supplier Management

Manage your wholesale vendor list here in real-time to get a bird’s eye view of the business activity. You can also manage sales & products by suppliers to track down exactly where your sales are coming from.

Whosale icon

Wholesale List Analyzer

Using our aggregated data points, you can now analyze any catalog you have to determine the profitability of a wide range of products without having to do any research yourself. Simply upload the catalog file you have from any distributor account to instantly get information on which items are profitable & which ones are not.You can now make sound business decisions based on data analytics.

Inventory icon

Inventory Manager

Keep track of all of the inventory that your business is handling. See your products’ inventory stock and sales in real-time right here. If you see a product is selling well & inventory is low, hit the re-order button right inside this section of the dashboard.

Warehouse icon

Warehouse Automation

Once you’ve determined what products you want to sell, you can keep track of all orders here in this section of the dashboard. Manage all of your fulfilled purchases & upcoming orders all in one spot with this 3PL automation. Our 3PL system also connects to the warehouse so that when you upload a purchase order, it is automatically sent to the warehouse so the order can be shipped.

Sale profit icon

Sales & Profit Analysis

Beyond getting a summary of your sales, our dashboard also breaks down the details for you so you can understand exactly how much profit you are making. In this section, you will obtain key information such as how much products cost you, what you are paying in Amazon fees, and how much you are spending on promotions, among other information.

Automate icon

Automate FBA Shipments into Amazon

Get a full overview of the inbound shipment of your goods to Amazon. Most importantly you can set your shipping plans to see what the best options there are for you when sending goods, in order to save money on transportation.

Removel icon

Removal Reimbursements

Removed goods on Amazon are often inevitable, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. The more units you sell the more returns you are prone to which is a time consuming & costly issue. You can take photos, make the required claims and ship it back to Amazon to claim your reimbursement. With this tool, you can make the removal process much smoother and keep your margin higher than if you would have to do it on your own.

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